8 NZ Made Sustainable Gift Ideas

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8 NZ Made Sustainable Gift Ideas


Buying Christmas gifts can seem like an impossible task. As shopping with an eco-friendly, sustainable approach becomes more common, good NZ made gift ideas seem even more limited.  

Kiwis have begun to realise the importance of supporting local and ethical businesses and are on the hunt for sustainable, New Zealand made products this year more than ever before. You’re probably considering what the impact is of each purchase on the planet and who is making your items. 

That’s where we can point you in the right direction. Kind Face™ products use natural and biodegradable materials which are sourced locally and 100% handmade. Not only are these products good for the environment, but they are good for you and also support the NZ economy.  

Choosing a unique gift can be difficult with all these factors to consider, but we’ve got you covered with our top 8 NZ made gift ideas that are kind to the planet!

#1 weighted eye mask

Proudly handmade in New Zealand, our Weighted Eye Mask is the perfect gift idea for that person in your life that needs a bit of relaxation.  

Many people experience amazing benefits from weighted eye masks. Similarly to a weighted blanket, the pressure of the eye mask provides a “grounding” sensation, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.   

Kind Face™ weighted eye masks are infused with the scent of lavender, which has been proven to improve sleep. The mask will block out light, while placing pressure on key relaxation points, which can relieve headaches and migraines.   

With a range of colours to choose from, the 100% Turkish linen feels soft and luxurious against your skin. A Kind Face™ Weighted Eye Mask is a special gift idea for someone you know could do with some stress relief. 


#2 Wool Pearl Pillow

Made of 100% NZ wool, our Wool Pearl Pillow provides a natural sleep experience, free of any synthetic fibres or foams. With ultimate comfort and support, a Wool Pearl Pillow is a thoughtful and sustainable gift idea for a loved one.   

NZ wool has countless benefits that can result in a more restful sleep. Wool is the ideal material that offers both moisture management and temperature regulation. Perfect to use during both summer and winter, a wool pillow will keep you comfortable during the night.   

Kind Face™ Wool Pearl Pillows come in a range of sizes, with the option to take out or add more wool for the perfect firmness. The ideal gift for somebody who deserves some extra comfort in their life, and one of our favourite picks for an NZ made gift.


#3 Natural Heat Pack 

Our natural Natural Heat Pack is an excellent gift idea that helps relieve neck and back pain, abdominal cramps, headaches, muscular aches and more.   

Proudly designed and crafted in NZ, our heat packs can also be chilled for relief of pain or swelling. The heat packs are filled with flax seeds which retain heat for longer, providing a superior - and ethical - option to wheat bags.   

Whether it’s to help relieve pain, stress or anxiety, a Kind Face™ Natural Heat Pack would be a suitable gift for any member of the family or close friends. 


Natural Heat Pack NZ

#4 Linen face masks


Kind Face™ Linen Face Masks are the ultimate NZ made stocking stuffer! With five colours and three sizes to choose from, our handmade face masks are a practical, yet stylish gift idea.   

Face masks are here to stay, so choosing one that is breathable and suitable for everyday use is important. The 3 layer face mask design consists of a breathable 100% linen outer, a sewn-in polypropylene non-woven moisture barrier and a 100% white cotton lining.    

Thanks to the unique design ensuring comfortable all-day wear, a Linen Face Mask is the perfect sustainable gift idea for travellers, or those required to wear a mask throughout the day. Ours wraps around the head, but you can easily cut the elastic to tie around the ears if you prefer!


#5 Linen draught stopper

A Linen Draught Stopper is an excellent, functional gift idea that is a bit outside the box! Ideal for someone who enjoys homewares, our trendy Linen Draught Stoppers provide many benefits.   

Made from natural materials, and complete with a linen handle for easy moving, a draught stopper has many purposes. In the summer months, your draught stopper will help keep the cool air in, and keep bugs and heat out, while during winter, it will prevent warmth escaping your house.   

At Kind Face™, we believe your draught stopper will pay for itself over time by reducing your heating or air conditioning bill and saving energy! An excellent NZ made gift idea for someone who is eco-conscious.

Draught Stopper NZ

#6 weighted eye pillow

A Weighted Eye Pillow is a sustainable gift idea for someone who enjoys meditation and relaxation.   

Made using Turkish linen, the washable cover allows you to use the pillow during exercise or while wearing makeup. Infused with the calming scent of lavender, a Kind Face™ Weighted Eye Pillow can also be heated or cooled to use for targeted pain relief.   

If someone in your life suffers from migraines, sinus pain, tension headaches or eye strain, a Kind Face™ Weighted Eye Pillow is a considerate gift idea to bring them some relaxation.

#7 Linen door stop

For that person who loves home decorating, but already has everything, how about an elegant Linen Door Stop?    

Not only is this an aesthetic option to decorate a room, but our Linen Door Stop keeps doors from slamming, and delivers a subtle lavender scent that wards off bugs.   

Made from Turkish linen and NZ grown flax seeds and available in four gorgeous colours, this is a thoughtful gift that will look stunning in any home. 


#8 Relax & Restore Gift Box

Last few years have been a bit.. stressful, aye?  We find a lot of people are after gifts lately for mum, dad, new mums, or even themselves... might not even be a reason but more of a "just because". 

So, we give you... the Relax and Restore Gift Box, pairing together our unique Weighted Eye Mask and Natural Heat Pack. Two of our best-sellers packaged neatly in a recyclable cardboard gift box ready to give to someone you love.  

The best part about these are the natural healing properties, and all you have to do is hit "Add to Cart". 

time to get shopping!

Support local and choose sustainable and ethically made gifts this Christmas. Kind Face™ products are natural and NZ made from locally sourced materials. Alongside supporting the NZ economy, gifting quality, long lasting products benefits the environment, too. Less waste means a cleaner earth for future generations.

Thank you for reading our blog post. Check out the Kind Face product collection to get shopping.

Weighted Eye Mask NZ Kind Face

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