The Wonders of Wool Pillow That You Should Know

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Are you tired of having a pillow that deflates the longer you lay on it? Or are you fed up with allergens affecting you and your family?

You are not alone! This is a common issue with people who purchase synthetic pillows. Unfortunately, these pillows are made from chemical-drenched fabrics, making them habitable for diseases. On the other hand, wool has natural fibres, so read on and discover why you and your family should start using wool pillows.

Why do we need to choose a good pillow?

Having the best eight great hours of sleep is one reward money cannot buy. Moreover, it influences our mood, increases our energy, satisfies our emotions, and is even reflected in our physical appearance. Yet, while mattresses are made to be appreciated, it is the pillows that are often disregarded, even though they ensure we wake up relaxed and ready for the day to come.

The pillow plays a vital role in our rest, as we want to ensure we lay on something comfortable. Furthermore, it would be safe to say that it would be even better to use a wool pillow when we rest.

It is also necessary to consider your health when choosing a pillow. Not only does the pillow need to be comfortable, but it also has to be a supportive tool to avoid any postural problems. As John Schubbe, Dc says:

When used well, pillows help in alleviating or preventing many common forms of back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, hip, and other forms of joint pain.

Pillows serve to keep the upper body in alignment during sleep, relieving pressure and counterbalancing the points in the body.

Indeed, just like clothes, pillows are meant to fit one’s distinct curves and shape. When pillows are utilised according to their intended use, they can be beneficial in preventing any common back and neck pain, including the hips and shoulders, and other forms of joint pain. Pillows may be often neglected, but their purpose is crucial. They also serve as a releasing point for all the pressure we get from the day.

Therefore, we must be critical when deciding what pillow to buy, especially if a toddler, pregnant woman, or elderly will use it because they are prone to joint problems.

Why A Wool Pillow?

Five Keys Points on Why Wool is the Best Material for Pillows


New Zealand Sheep in a field

1. Wool is Hypoallergenic

If you have allergies, you probably have a hard time looking for the right pillow. This is because we can all be sensitive at times.

When we use synthetic pillows, there will be residue from the chemicals used that might trigger your allergies. These kinds of textile fibres might also cause respiratory disease.

However, wool is a natural and non-toxic material that is a great choice for allergy sufferers.

2. Wool is Mould Resistant

Opposite to other materials, wool is mould and dust mite resistant. Unfortunately, dust mites are common in our houses and are one of the main allergen triggers. Or, if you do not have any allergies, mites may also cause eczema, which is caused by their faeces.

However, wool has a microscopic bristle that contains lanolin, which naturally repels mites and moulds, so wool pillows are uninhabitable to them.

3. Wool is Comfortable

People have many prejudices when you speak to them about wool. For example, they would initially say it was itchy because it comes from sheep and should never be used to create pillows. However, that is entirely wrong.

Wool has delicate fibres that build a soft and lush filling that is perfect for pillows. Wool is also resilient and does not lose its shape, a common problem with polyester pillows. Therefore, the bounce and support it gives your neck and back will be maintained over a longer period.

4. Wool is Eco-Friendly

The fibres of wool decompose naturally, unlike synthetic pillows that take decades to degrade when a user disposes of them irresponsibly. Furthermore, synthetic pillows make up the biggest portion of the ecological crisis because their waste fills the sea, and they get stuck in drains and canals, which is a major cause of flooding.

However, the wool-making industry helps the sheep grow wonderful fleece throughout the years, which also means that the source of the pillows is sustainable.

5. Wool is Breathable

Wool can regulate the body’s overall temperature because it can insulate the body. It also has the one-of-a-kind ability to absorb moisture and bring it out from the skin, making the pillow feel less tacky and more comfortable.

The wool’s fibre can release moisture because of its wool wick feature. Therefore, the user will no longer have to worry about feeling heavy-headed when waking from their sleep, as wool pillows can also maintain a steady temperature. To top it off, wool pillows allow natural airflow not just because of the holes in the fibres but because of the fabric itself, which means you will be comfortable and undisturbed in your rest or sleep.

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The Benefits of using the wool pillow for toddler

 When babies outgrow their crib-cuddle stage, they are slowly introduced to sleeping the way adults do because, eventually, their bodies require the kind of support a pillow provides.

For example, as early as 12 - 18 months, your toddler may come to you after waking up complaining about aches in certain parts of their body, such as the neck or back. At this time, you may wish to introduce them to pillows.

While thinking of the best mattress and bed sheets for your toddler’s big sleep, you might also want to shop for a pillow that will soothe your child even more. But first, let us discuss what a pillow for your toddler should not be while helping you to choose the correct one.

Child sleeping on a wool pillow

Concerns in choosing a pillow for your toddler

1. The Size

Choosing a pillow that is not the correct size for your child may cause them to strain their neck or develop bad posture if it is too tall or thick. Just like how we choose our clothes, we should also be mindful to ensure the pillow we are shopping for is the correct size.

2. Enough Texture

Considering the user is still technically a baby, the pillow should also be treated as a potential hazard to them. Therefore, the texture must be appropriate to their age and should not be too soft and fluffy, for it may suffocate the child. In addition, the materials used should always allow the child to breathe comfortably.

3. Hypoallergenic

Toddlers still need tender care as they are still developing and are prone to diseases. In addition, as they progress and grow, there is the possibility of the child developing allergies, although we aim to protect them as much as possible. Therefore, using a hypoallergenic pillow will help with those possibilities.

4. Natural Fabrics

When shopping for kids, we should stay away from synthetic products. This is because they are exposed to chemicals like bleach, and those are the products that will most likely be a habitat for dust mites.


Now that we have discussed the problems when buying a pillow for your toddler, let us discuss where you can purchase high-quality wool pillows.

We all know that wool products are in a higher price range than standard factory-made pillows, but it is worth it because of the benefits of using one. We should also know the companies to ensure they provide us with what they market.

More from Kind Face... 


A woman laying on a natural wool pearl pillow



This wool pillow is the perfect choice for your toddler. In addition, it is hypoallergenic because its filling is made from wool. It can also greatly support your child’s neck while sleeping, as it is not too soft or too hard. With this pillow, your baby will sleep soundly without worrying about dust mites and other hazards.

The Benefits of using wool pillows for Pregnant women

Pregnancy is a difficult period that women go through in the name of procreation. Although being a parent is wonderful, the things we go through are tough.

Pregnancy is also physically gruelling and demanding. Growing a life in your womb means your body will hurt in ways you have never hurt before, which could be at different levels. For example, if your baby is getting heavier, your back and joints will hurt as if you were carrying a large watermelon everywhere. In addition, you will feel nauseous for almost the entire duration of the pregnancy.

However, with that said, we can also say that having a good pillow will help pregnant women relax more. During this time, they need supportive pillows for their back and hips, mainly because they might experience discomfort while sleeping. The main reason for this uneasiness is that their uterus is expanding to allow for the foetus, which may affect the mother’s comfort.

pregnant woman laying in bed

Pregnancy pillow

Pillows for pregnant women are typically called maternity pillows and are intentionally designed for women during pregnancy. These pillows provide support to the changing curves of the body during this stage and can also support a safe sleeping position.

The Three Most Common Benefits

1. Using a Wool Pillow to Ease Body Pain

When pregnant, you gain enough weight for two people, your weight and your baby’s, which puts pressure on your hips, back, and legs. Therefore, those body parts need to be rested at night after supporting you the whole day, but that can be hard if you do not get enough sleep.

Pillows can help support you at certain pressure points of your body, which help you to relax and sleep soundly for the rest of the night. Wool pillows are designed to do that, and the delicate wool fibres allow you to rest comfortably. In addition, they ensure a bounce and firmness while resting.

2. Wool helps Blood Circulation

Pregnant women must maintain proper blood circulation to ensure their health remains in good condition. Henry Ford Health states, “Proper circulation is key to maintaining optimal health. It ensures that blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout the body, allowing every organ to function properly”.

Wool pillows are naturally breathable, allowing this circulation to occur. In addition, maternity pillows help cushion your changing body, allowing you to rest easy.

Woman comfortably sleeping, hugging a body pillow

3. Comfortable Sleep

You need sleep! Your body is undergoing a lot of physical, emotional, and mental changes. At times, it can become overwhelming, and your battle does not end once you give birth because, after labour, you will then be taking care of your baby outside your womb. So, you must get the rest you need now that a life is growing inside you, as you both need adequate rest. For your baby to grow strong, you need rest and plenty of it, and a pregnancy pillow will aid you in having a good and sound rest.


More from Kind Face...


Curved Full Body Pillow



This wool body pillow is an excellent choice for pregnant women as a maternity pillow. It is made from comfortable and breathable filling and supports the user. In addition, it aims to eradicate joint pain as it can be a comforting cuddle for pregnant women.


The Benefits of Using the Wool Pillows With The Elderly

As we grow older, we develop physical deficiencies. The once “can” turns into “cannot”, which is a reality and part of the life cycle; we get old, our hair turns grey, and we end up with brittle bones. Therefore, it is vital that as we head towards our senior years, we obtain the information that could help us in the future or help us take care of our grandmothers and grandfathers in the present. Furthermore, our elderly need our utmost attention and tender care because they are prone to incidents.

When we choose pillows for our elders, we should consider whether the pillow can support them, and it should help support the posture and alignment of the user for them to have a good rest. Caregivers often say that they worry about their patient’s posture because their pillows cannot support them. Sometimes they slide down them, or the filling is too soft, so it shrinks and becomes a discomfort to the elderly. However, that situation can be prevented if they choose the right pillow. As much as possible, the pillow should be able to sustain comfort and support to our elders because they need their rest more than anyone else. Furthermore, if they are mishandled, it could lead to a tragedy for the elderly when they can no longer do things independently.

Therefore, the wool pillow is the perfect choice for them because of its features.

Firstly, a wool pillow is hypoallergenic, reassuring caregivers, especially because pillows are prone to bacteria. Owning a hypoallergenic pillow will help eradicate bacteria and viruses around elders with comorbidities.

Secondly, wool pillows help circulate the air, keeping the elderly dry while sleeping.

Thirdly, wool fillings do not deflate but remember their structure with just a bit of fluffing. As a result, it can maintain its bounce and softness for some time.

A woman reads a book on a bed, leaning on a wool euro pillow.



This pillow is made from 100% wool with the promising features mentioned above.

When you purchase from Kind Face, you are also contributing to our advocacy and mission toward sustainability.

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