Kind Face™ linen draught stoppers help reduce heat loss from within your home, whilst looking elegant and delivering a subtle scent of lavender.

Proudly designed, hand cut and stitched with love in New Zealand to be kind on you, the environment and economy.



We believe draught stoppers can pay for themselves over time by reducing your energy bill, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out during winter. You can also use them as a door stop in the summer months. The handle allows you to hang the draught stopper behind the door when not required.

The sumptuous 100% linen is Satori Stonewash by Mokum, filled with flax seeds and dried lavender flowers, both grown in NZ. Flax seed is a crop that has been grown for hundreds of years for both its seeds and its fibre, which is used to make linen. Not to be confused with New Zealand native flax, flax seed (also known as linseed) is a slender annual plant which is harvested during late summer/early autumn; the capsule containing the seeds shatters, releasing them when they’re perfectly ripe. The plant really loves CO2, which is one of the reasons we believe it makes for a better fill than sand or gravel.

100% linen outer

Satori Stonewash linen by Mokum becomes softer and more lustrous with use.

Flax seed and lavender

Filled with a combination of natural flax seed and dried lavender that can be easily molded into your door or window gaps, and smells great.

Door hook

Hang on behind your door when not in use.

Kind on your Wallet

Less draughts means less power needed to keep your home warm

Kind for Kiwi Businesses

Proudly keeping local businesses working and specialist skills in New Zealand

Kind on your Eyes

Beautifully made in a range of colours to suit any room

Kind on the Environment

Made using natural materials