NZ Made Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


NZ Made. One size only available at this stage: Standard 74cm x 40cm x 18cm.

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Kind Face™ memory foam pillows are designed and made in New Zealand to help you achieve the best sleep possible, at a price point that seems too good to be true.

The pillow fill is shredded high density memory foam blended with recycled polyester fibre. Memory foam allows for even weight distribution and provides great support for heads, necks and shoulders.

The pillow case is made from Japara cotton, which is a finely woven natural waxed cotton. Highly durable, breathable, water-repellent and stain-resistant. We believe it is the best option for protecting the fill and ensuring you get a long life from your pillow.

Like all Kind Face™ products, your Memory Foam Pillow is designed to appeal to three key senses; Touch, Smell and Sight. It also satisfies a very important fourth sense… Common Sense; Proudly New Zealand designed and made using natural + NZ made materials where possible, with minimal packaging, but where required this will either be home compostable, fully recyclable in NZ or at least reusable for another purpose.

Magical memory foam

Memory foam has the viscous properties of water, but the elastic feel of traditional foams. When you rest your head on a Kind Face™ pillow the memory foam will compress and conform perfectly to your unique shape. When the pressure on the pillow is released, the memory foam slowly resets itself and changes back to its original rectangular shape.

As the name implies, “shredded” memory foam filling is simply torn into tiny pieces. The individual pieces of foam move independently, allowing the pillow to be moldable. You can sculpt it much like a down pillow—it will shift and change into whatever shape you desire.

Personalise the size

  • If you feel the pillow inner is to full for your comfort, you can unzip and adjust the fill level to suit your needs.
  • To clean, gently hand wash with mild soap and lay flat to dry


  • 74cm x 40cm x 18cm. Minimum weight 900gr

To help your rest easy it is good to know the shredded memory foam is free from fire retardants and has been repurposed from off-cuts destined for landfill.

Thank you for supporting NZ manufacturing.

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Weight .92 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 18 cm