Reusable Linen Face Mask

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The original Kind Face product. Our reusable face masks are high quality, triple-layered with a protective polypropylene barrier inside. Linen on the front and 100% cotton lining against your skin.

✔ Handmade in New Zealand

✔ Environmentally responsible materials

Colour Natural
Size Large

We only use the best materials sourced through specialist NZ businesses.

The Reusable Linen Face Masks are handcrafted from these local and imported materials:

-100% Linen

- 100% Cotton lining

- Spunbond non-woven polypropylene

-NZ made elastic

- Spun polyester thread

Gentle hand wash or machine wash with like colours, up to a maximum temperature of 40°C.

Avoid bleach. Hang to dry. Best not to iron, but if you choose to move the iron quickly.


Kind Face™ Reusable Linen Face Masks are a consumer product, and we are not claiming use as a medical device.

Important: Kind Face reusable face masks must be washed before first use.

Allow for up to 10% shrinkage from washing.

The natural linen becomes softer and more lustrous with use.

Kind Face products may have small imperfections due to being 100% handmade by us.

How do you correctly wear your face mask?

It is important that your Kind Face™ face mask fits snugly and fully covers your nose and mouth. View our size guide to choose the right size.

Make sure you wash your Kind Face™ mask before using it for the first time. Before wearing each time, wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser. Place Kind Face™ face mask over your nose, mouth and chin. Use the elastic to secure the mask around your head in a comfortable position. Adjust to ensure Kind Face™ face mask fits snugly around your face with no gaps. Avoid touching or adjusting your mask during use.

How do you correctly remove your face mask?

Before starting, wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser. Avoid touching the front of your Kind Face™ mask during removal. Hold the elastic fasteners and pull elastic over your head. Wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser immediately. It is recommended to wash your mask after every use to avoid spreading the germs it keeps out.

When choosing your Kind Face™ face mask be sure to select the size the best suits your smile.

The basic dimensions of the masks are measured from chin to top bridge of nose (height) and centre to cheek edge (width);

LARGE mask height = 16.5cm from chin to bridge of nose + Width = 12.5cm from centre to cheek edge

MEDIUM (fits most female adults and some men); Mask height = 15.5cm from chin to bridge of nose + Width = 11.5cm from centre to cheek edge

SMALL (suits children under 10 years of age): Mask height = 13.5cm from chin to bridge of nose + Width = 11.5cm from centre to cheek edge

Features and Benefits

Triple Layer

Our masks are made with a layer of luxurious outer linen, an inner non-woven polypropylene moisture barrier, and soft + natural 100% cotton against the face.

Around the head

Say goodbye to painful ears! Our soft cotton elastic wraps around the back of your head and your neck to provide a comfortable all day wear. You can easily convert to ear loops if preferred.


You can wash our linen face masks and aim to get 100+ wears out of them. They dry quickly hanging indoors or outside. Just treat them like a regular article of clothing.

Support Local

We source all of our materials from local NZ suppliers and make each and every item in our Avondale workroom.

Show your kind face

The shaped silhouette design conforms with the face and offers maximum coverage, while remaining breathable. No more ear pain - our soft elastic straps wrap around the head!

Originally we launched with ear loop design, but the majority of product testing feedback said behind the head was more comfortable when wearing for extended periods. The good news is you can convert the behind-the-head elastic in to ear loops by making cuts in the elastic, then re-tying as ear loops… at the tension that suits you best. Unfortunately it is not as easy to change back if you find behind the head does feel better.

If you suffer from dust or pollen allergies, the Kind Face mask will reduce your exposure to these particles.

The masks are washable, reducing the volume of single-use masks ending up in New Zealand landfills. Treat it like another item of clothing, which you wash at the end of the day, and have ready for the next time you need it.

Proudly designed and hand cut, stitched with love in our Avondale workroom to be kind on you, the environment and economy.

Be kind to the community and those at risk. Show your Kind Face. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Rachel (Auckland, NZ)
Quality face masks from a quality team

During the height of the pandemic I still remember when Kind Face paused selling these as they were out of good quality elastic, that's the kind of company I'm glad to keep supporting. The team have great communication with customers if there's any delays as well.

Sallie Greenwood (Hamilton, NZ)
So pleased I ordered them.

So easy to order and arrived within 2 days. I'm very pleased with the masks which I ordered on my sister's recommendation. I'm going on a long haul flight and wanted a mask that was safe and comfortable to wear for long periods. Thank you.

Ahhhhhhhh.... international travel. Thank you for posting your review Sallie. We wish you safe and exciting travels :) Chris

Helen Wilmshurst (Lower Hutt, NZ)

Great masks. Only ones my husband will wear.

Thank you for posting your feedback Helen. Your husband has great taste (you can read in to that in more than one way) :) Chris

Asher Crossman (Hamilton, NZ)
The most comfortable mask EVER !

Ive been wearing masks since before covid. Living in Japan and China its common place.

These Linen masks are comfortable with an excellent seal and triple layer so I know I am protected.
Thank you for this excellent product.

Thank you for your feedback Asher. We are proud of our Linen Face Masks and it feels good knowing you are an experienced face mask user and rate them so highly :) Chris

Diana Kirk (Auckland, NZ)
Comfortable and easy to wear

The mask fits round my head and not my ears and so no discomfort. I like that I can simply slip it down round my neck when not near anyone i.e. I don't have to keep talking int off.

Thank you for posting your feedback Diana. We feel the behind-the-head elastic also helps with ensuring the best possible fit and protection, as you can adjust the tension (via elastic length and re-tying the knot) and position the straps behind the head where they sit best :) Chris