Feel Good Products

We believe in making products that not only feel good to touch and make YOU feel good... they are good for New Zealand too.


Weighted Eye Masks

From meditation to stress relief, Kind Face™ Weighted Eye Masks can help soothe and relax. Natural relief from anxiety, tension and insomnia. The sumptuous 100% linen is filled with flax seeds and calming dried lavender flowers, both grown in NZ. rrp $44.90


Natural Heat Packs

Kind Face™ linen heat packs are a natural way to ease pain and provide comfort. Enjoy the therapeutic warmth or you can apply cooled for temporary relief of minor pain and swelling. rrp $59.90


Linen Face Masks

Washable and reusable face masks proudly designed and made of natural materials in New Zealand. When you are not feeling 100%, protect those around you from your coughs, colds and the flu. Be kind to the community and those at risk – Show your Kind Face™. rrp $27.90


Travel Pillows

Kind Face™ linen travel pillows not only look and feel good, they will help you enjoy a quality sleep whilst travelling in a car, bus, boat, train, or plane along with camping, glamping, hiking, sleepovers or just looking stylish on a bed, chair or sofa. rrp $67.90


Draught Stoppers

Kind Face™ linen draught stoppers are designed and made in New Zealand to help reduce heat loss from within your home, whilst looking elegant and delivering a subtle scent of lavender. rrp $59.90


Door Stoppers

Kind Face™ linen door stops are designed and made in New Zealand to keep your doors safe from slamming, whilst looking elegant and delivering a subtle scent of lavender. rrp $52.90


Designed to appeal to three key senses; Touch, Smell and Sight. They also satisfy a very important fourth sense… Common Sense.

We use natural and NZ made materials wherever possible, sourced through local businesses. Packaging is kept to a minimum – but where required this will either be home compostable, fully recyclable in NZ or at least reusable for another purpose.

Kind on you, and New Zealand.

Weighted Eye Masks

Heat Packs

Face Masks

Travel Pillows

Door Stops

Draught Stoppers


During a time of need, our family-owned specialist soft furnishings manufacturing business Uren Barsal wanted to make a difference. We turned our expertise and tools to develop Kind Face™ – a range of reusable face masks made with natural materials, that would be comfortable to wear even on the most sensitive skin.

Following our Kind Face™ brand ethos, we have now expanded our range of natural products to include heat packs, door stops, draught stoppers, travel and memory foam pillows – plus more to come.

Check out the full range of Kind Face™ and join us in supporting local.


Kind Face™ is proud to support the work of Allergy New Zealand to represent our allergy community.