Show your Kind Face

Washable and reusable face masks proudly designed and made of natural materials in New Zealand. When you are not feeling 100%, protect those around you from your coughs, colds and the flu. Be kind to the community and those at risk – Show your Kind Face™

Reports have shown that wearing a cloth mask does help to protect you and the people around you. If you cough or sneeze, a mask will prevent many germs from reaching others, and if someone coughs or sneezes around you, a mask will offer some protection if used properly.

If you suffer from dust or pollen allergies, the Kind Face™ mask will block these particles and reduce your suffering.

Treat it like another item of clothing, which you wash at the end of the day, and have ready for the next time you need it.



Kind Face has a premium quality triple layer design.

1.  Breathable, 100% natural linen outer
2. Non-woven polypropylene moisture barrier core 
3. Natural cotton lining for sensitive skin

The hypoallergenic design is kind to allergy sufferers and because it’s washable and reusable you know you’re being kind to the environment. The breathable face mask includes a non-woven polypropylene as the core layer which acts as a moisture barrier. Learn more on our FAQ’s page.

Comfort elastic fasteners

Comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Soft liner for sensitive skins

100% natural cotton lining

Moisture barrier

Non-woven Polypropylene core

Hypoallergenic fabrics

Breathable, 100% natural linen outer

Kind on the Environment

Fewer single-use masks to landfill

Kind to the Community

Social distancing and wearing face masks is good for the community

Kind for your Lungs

Breathe easy, Latex, PVC and DEHP FREE

Kind on your Budget

Reusable means great value cost per use

Kind for Kiwi Businesses

Proudly keeping local businesses working and specialist skills in New Zealand


In a time of need, Uren Barsal, a family-owned NZ fabric interiors business decided to utilise their expertise crafting custom made soft furnishings to develop Kind Faceface mask. The team pride themselves on the attention to detail of every product, right down to the smallest stitch.

There are many benefits to wearing a face mask and Kind Face is a great choice supporting local New Zealand businesses. Check out the range of sizes on our Shop page. We’re all in this together – Show your Kind Face.


Want to see your brand on a mask?

Send us your logo or custom design and we’ll create your very own branded masks with our full colour screen printing services from our friends over at Supacolour.

Washing machine friendly
No minimum quantities
Make your brand stand out from the crowd

Contact us below for more information and pricing.


Disclosure: Kind Face is a consumer product, and not PPE certified. We are not claiming use as a respirator or medical device. Your Kind Facemight have small imperfections due to the nature of it being 100% handmade. For hygiene reasons we cannot offer returns on this item, we trust you understand!

Kind Face

“It's really comfortable to wear and I like that I have 100% natural materials against my skin.”


“The elastic straps are great, I can wear it all day long without feeling uncomfortable.”

AlexEssential Worker

“My job is customer facing all day and I feel good about wearing a face mask.”

JakeEssential Worker