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Reusable Linen Face Mask
Sallie Greenwood (Hamilton, NZ)
So pleased I ordered them.

So easy to order and arrived within 2 days. I'm very pleased with the masks which I ordered on my sister's recommendation. I'm going on a long haul flight and wanted a mask that was safe and comfortable to wear for long periods. Thank you.

Ahhhhhhhh.... international travel. Thank you for posting your review Sallie. We wish you safe and exciting travels :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
Tracey W (Melbourne, AU)
Love my weighted eye mask!

Very happy with my weighted eye mask. I like to fall asleep with it on and remove it later in the night. I honestly believe I have been experiencing deeper restorative sleep and can see the difference in my healthier looking skin and I don’t wake up feeling tired.
Thank you!

Thank you for posting your review Tracey. We are so happy you are finding the Weighted Eye Mask beneficial, and believe you are experiencing better sleep. Long may it last :) Chris

Dreamy sleep

I am in love with this pillow. It took me 6 months to make a commitment and I'd been looking for a good pillow for a year before that but this has more than made up for it.

As a bed sharing, breastfeeding mama having a pillow that is able to change is bliss. I can shuffle the wool at night to where it's needed, it's firm enough that I don't have to worry about my toddler, it is handling being thrown on and off the bed, stays where it's put, can be adjusted when I need to spend the night on my side to on my back, it's sustainable, natural fibre and cruelty free.

I am super impressed and saving to get my husband and children one to replace theirs.

Postage was so fast! Literally with the courier an hour after I placed the order and with me the next day.

Super impressed!

Thanks so much.

Thank you for posting your feedback Jacqui. When working on our pillow design and features we gave ourselves quite a list to tick off... and we are thrilled to see the pillow working so well for you, and hopefully one day the rest of your family :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
NK Sophia (Auckland, NZ)

For someone who does nightshift, the eye mask helps a lot! Relaxing and I do get longer sleep during the day.
It is not too heavy on the eyes and the lavender smells so wonderful 🙂

Will def buy and try the other products as well.

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback NK. I can only imagine you don't have a much spare time, and it is great to hear you are finding the Weighted Eye Mask relaxing and helping with longer sleeps.

If you do choose to buy another Kind Face product (or three ;) ) you should find a discount code at the bottom of the original order confirmation email :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
Bronwyn (Auckland, NZ)
Snug and secure

Snug and secure fit on my head/face. Great firm but not strong pressure around the eyes, definitely relaxing. Great lavender scent coming through too.
Works well paired with the wool pearl pillow!!

Thank you for posting your feedback Bronwyn. We are so happy you love your Kind Face products :) Chris

Natural Wool Pearl Pillow
Bronwyn (Auckland, NZ)
Great nights sleep

This is a great pillow, especially good for back or side sleeping. It holds up well under the weight of your head. For the first few nights, I was gifted with a 'wool' scent to my hair, but it didn't last long, and was not strong or over powering. Relaxing I would say.
Really pleased with my purchase, would definitely recommend

Wow, you have made our day with this feedback Bronwyn. Thank you. :) Chris

Reusable Linen Face Mask
Helen Wilmshurst (Lower Hutt, NZ)

Great masks. Only ones my husband will wear.

Thank you for posting your feedback Helen. Your husband has great taste (you can read in to that in more than one way) :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
Kirsty Robson (Kaitaia, NZ)
Eye mask

Very happy with it. Definitely helps me sleep more soundly

Weighted Eye Mask
Roselle Dobbs (Raglan, NZ)

Just what I was looking for

Best sleep

I brought the first pillow for myself, share how nice it was a week later I purchased a 2nd pillow for my partner. We are both loving our new pillows and having great sleeps

Thank you for your feedback Megan. We trust you and your partner will keep loving your pillows and having great sleeps. Just in case you didn't notice, if you need to top-up or recharge your wool pearl fill in the future you don't have to purchase another pillow... just a top-up pack of wool :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
Rachel Stringer (Browns Bay, NZ)

Such a lovely eye mask. It has just enough weight to feel relaxing & restful, and the lavender is not overwhelming.
I’ve been using it every night so far and it has made a real difference to my quality of sleep.
I absolutely love it.

Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback Rachel. Great to hear you love your Weighted Eye Mask and you have noticed an improvement in the quality of your sleep :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
Mary Hues (Auckland, NZ)
Fantastic product!

Slept like a baby with this on, no kidding. Packed with dried lavendar and this is easily inhaled when I wear the mask. Lovely design and feels good to support NZ manufacturing. All the best!

Mary, you are a star. Thank you for posting your feedback and we love the fact your Weighted Eye Mask has helped you 'sleep like a baby'. Thank you also for valuing New Zealand, and supporting locally made products. :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
Deborah McNally (Alexandra, NZ)
Gift of sleep

I purchased the weighted eye mask for my adult daughter as a birthday present. She said she loved how it was weighted and that it hit all the right pressure points which made her feel super relaxed and she also loved the smell. She reported having an amazing nights sleep because of the weighted eye mask. Yay!

Thank you for posting this review Deborah, and supporting our small business. We are so happy to hear your gift resulted in amazing sleep for your daughter :) Chris

Reusable Linen Face Mask
Asher Crossman (Hamilton, NZ)
The most comfortable mask EVER !

Ive been wearing masks since before covid. Living in Japan and China its common place.

These Linen masks are comfortable with an excellent seal and triple layer so I know I am protected.
Thank you for this excellent product.

Thank you for your feedback Asher. We are proud of our Linen Face Masks and it feels good knowing you are an experienced face mask user and rate them so highly :) Chris

Linen Eye Pillow
Catherine Taylor (Whangarei, NZ)
Linen Eye Pillow

Really pleased with the quality of Kind Face eye pillows. I purchased one for my massage business, and will definitely be buying more in the future.

Thank you for your feedback Catherine. Feel free to email if you would like wholesale pricing for your business :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
Sian (Auckland, NZ)
Great service and product

Amazing product and service , would recommend to friends and family .

Thank you for posting your review Sian. Hopefully 'would recommend' changes to 'have recommended' :) Chris

Natural Wool Pearl Pillow
Amy L (Auckland, NZ)
Super comfy!

So squishy, and supportive. Easily reshaped. Luxury.

Thank you for your feedback Amy. You forgot to add 'Natural' too :) Chris

Reusable Linen Face Mask
Diana Kirk (Auckland, NZ)
Comfortable and easy to wear

The mask fits round my head and not my ears and so no discomfort. I like that I can simply slip it down round my neck when not near anyone i.e. I don't have to keep talking int off.

Thank you for posting your feedback Diana. We feel the behind-the-head elastic also helps with ensuring the best possible fit and protection, as you can adjust the tension (via elastic length and re-tying the knot) and position the straps behind the head where they sit best :) Chris

Reusable Linen Face Mask
Liz Greenwood (Auckland, NZ)
Great mask - with waterproof qualities

I bought the mask because it is linen, so it is nice to wear and it has 3 layers including a polypropeline (sp) layer. I tested it when washing it and the water didn't pass through until it was fully immersed. Seems like a good reusable option for protecting against droplets in the air. I prefer ear straps so did have to convert it but was easy.

Thank you for your feedback Liz. It is good to hear you tested the moisture barrier effectiveness, and it passed your test! :) Chris

Weighted Eye Mask
Lyn Hanson (Auckland, NZ)
Christmas surprise

My lovely son in Canada arranged for me to receive this great gift and it was a surprise indeed. I've used it frequently both for power recharge during the day and to help with sleep onset at night. Because of the total comfort, I switch off and think about the niceness of the mask. Thanks again Simon and Kind Face

Thank you for taking the time to post a review Lyn. Looks like your son Simon chose the right Christmas gift - we are so happy to hear the Eye Mask helps you to recharge during the day and fall asleep at night :) Chris

Natural Wool Pearl Pillow
Erin Taylor (Wellington, NZ)
Lovely pillow

Great idea using wool pearls - soft and 'lofty'. I appreciate the lavender bag - sweet.
This is an excellent pillow. Thank you.

Natural Wool Pearl Pillow
Lisa Coble (Dallas, US)

Natural Wool Pearl Pillow

Linen Eye Pillow
Tasha Olds (Dunedin, NZ)
Weighted Eye Mask for the win!

This is not only when cooled a great relief to a migraine sufferer, it also smells so nice!
I chill it in the fridge & it helps heaps when all you want is the dark & cool around you!

Reusable Linen Face Mask
Megan (Auckland, NZ)
Well made and comfortable

Quick to put on, and beautiful materials.

Reusable Linen Face Mask
Angela Whittle (Auckland, NZ)
Love it!

Firstly, the head band - no more ear straps pulling my ears towards my nose, where they are not meant to go!
Secondly, I can breathe normally wearing my Kind Face mask and my face doesn't get hot.
Lastly, it is a top quality product made here in NZ. I'm buying Kind Face products for Xmas presents for the family.


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