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Kind Face | NZ Wool Pearl Pillow - Sleeping soundly
Kind Face | NZ Wool Pearl Pillow
Kind Face | NZ Wool Pearls (also known as knops)
Natural Wool Pearl Pillow
Kind Face | Sheep modelling NZ wool
Natural Wool Pearl Pillow
Natural Wool Pearl Pillow
Kind Face

Natural Wool Pearl Pillow

Made by us in NZ

Rest easy and sleep sounder with a Kind Face™ 100% NZ Wool Pearl Pillow. In a world filled with synthetic fibres and foams, we believe there is something refreshingly old school about a natural wool pillow. 

If you are looking for a square pillow, click here to view our NZ Wool Pearl Euro Pillow.

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      Firmness guide: Medium to Firm. Remember, you can easily adjust the comfort level by removing or adding wool fill. Give the pillow a good shake and fluff up to rebalance the fill.

      Child = Low profile, suitable for ages 3 - 6 years.

      - *Includes 100% Cotton Pillowcase to protect this custom sized pillow

      - 65cm x 45cm (pillowcase size)

      - Approx 9cm high when filled, with light pressure applied

      - 500grams (total weight)

      Standard = Suitable for Single through to Queen bed sizes.

      - 75cm x 48cm (pillowcase size)

      - Approx 12cm high when filled, with light pressure applied

      - 850grams (total weight)

      King = Suitable for King, Super King and larger bed sizes

      - 90cm x 48cm (pillowcase size)

      - Approx 12cm high when filled, with light pressure applied

      - 1100grams (total weight)

      Shipping Policy

      Kind Face ships across New Zealand and internationally using Aramex. We are unable to deliver to PO BOX addresses unfortunately.

      We ship to over 35 countries throughout the world, if you are unable to select your country at checkout please email us at

      All deliveries will take place during normal business hours, Monday to Friday and expect the delivery to take the following number of days to reach you:

      For New Zealand deliveries

      FLAT RATE Nationwide STANDARD Shipping = $4.90

      FLAT RATE Nationwide RURAL Shipping = $11.90

      * We expect North Island deliveries to be delivered within 1 - 2 days and South Island 2 - 3 days. Rural deliveries should add an additional 1 - 3 days.

      For Australian deliveries

      FLAT RATE Nationwide up to 1.5kg= NZD $19.90

      FLAT RATE Nationwide over 1.5kg= NZD $29.90

      * Please allow 4 - 10 days nationwide. Rural deliveries should add an additional 1 - 3 days.

      For Asia / Europe / Middle East / North America deliveries

      Shipping cost ranges between NZD $30.00 and NZD $95.00

      * Please allow 5 - 12 days nationwide. Rural deliveries should add an additional 1 - 3 days.

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      While we always do our best to ensure items arrive at our customers within our expected delivery timeframes, once an item is with the courier certain things outside of our control can affect delivery times including public holidays, natural disasters, weather, courier and aircraft delays. We are always here to help so if delivery hasn't met your expectation please reach out to us.  

      Benefits & Features

      Better Sleep

      Wool provides temperature regulation creating a stable microclimate and the ultimate support to help you have the best sleep ever.

      Premium Japara Cotton

      Your premium Japara cotton pillowcase is made from a finely woven, natural waxed cotton. Highly durable, breathable, water-repellent and stain-resistant for a long-lasting pillow.

      For all Sleepers

      Side, back, and freestyle sleepers rejoice. Your pillow is easily adjustable. Just open the zipper to shape, remove or add fill as desired. Click here to purchase a top-up pack.

      Non Allergenic

      Wool fibres are covered in scales that trap dust, mould spores and other harmful allergens, removing them from the air and preventing them from being inhaled.

      Support Local

      We source all of our materials from specialist NZ suppliers and make each and every item in our Avondale workroom.


      • We use local and imported materials sourced through specialist New Zealand businesses

      • The Natural Wool Pearl Pillows use
      • Japara cotton
      • NZ grown wool
      • YKK invisible zip
      • Spun polyester thread
      • Cotton label
      • Calico cotton - drawstring bag



      You might notice a slight scent. It is actually proof the natural wool pearls are as pure as possible, and this will air out in time or sooner if you remove the fill and allow to breathe in the sunlight. During product testing, we thought this feedback summed up the scent nicely "faint smell of a clean, healthy, warm barn... making for a healthy and loving feel to it.’’ Use the included lavender pack if desired. Kind Face™ products might have small imperfections due to the nature of being 100% handmade.


      DO NOT machine wash the Wool Pillow. We recommend removing the wool pearls and washing the 100% Japara Cotton cover as you would with any other white, cotton laundry. Washing in cold water will ensure no shrinkage. Whilst the wool pearls are out of the cover, take advantage of letting them breathe and catching some sun. Wool loves the sun as much as it loves the fresh NZ air. The rays will naturally deodorize, disinfect, and renew your bedding. Alternatively, you can hand wash them in warm water with a wool detergent and let them drip dry.


      Where is each wool pearl pillow made?

      Each natural wool pearl pillow is 100% designed and handcrafted by us, in Avondale - New Zealand.

      How is wool different to synthetic fibres and foams?

      Wool is a natural fibre that is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. In contrast, synthetic fibres are essentially plastics formed using a chemical process.

      How does a wool pearl pillow feel compared to other pillows?

      Our Wool pillows provide natural temperature regulation creating a stable microclimate for a restful sleep. They also have the option to adjust the firmness for perfect comfort level.

      Will a wool pearl pillow attract dust-mites?

      Wool fibre resists dust mites significantly. It naturally creates a cool and dry sleep environment, reducing the likelihood of dust mites.

      Can I wash a wool pearl pillow?

      Do not machine wash it. Wool loves the sun, so lay out your pearls and the rays will naturally deodorise, disinfect, and renew your wool pearls. Alternatively, you can hand wash them in warm water with a wool detergent and let them drip dry. 

      Will I smell a sheep odour?

      You might notice a slight scent. It is proof the natural wool pearls are as pure as possible, and this will air out in time or sooner if you remove the fill and allow for breathing in the sunlight.

      Should I worry about wool allergies?

      Wool fibre is naturally hypoallergenic, so allergic reactions are unlikely. It is generally mould and mildew resistant, which helps to eliminate typical bedroom allergens.

      Will a wool pearl pillow make me feel too hot?

      Wool is a regulator and an insulator. Using wool pillows regulates body temperature by absorbing bodily moisture and extra heat to avoid becoming too hot.

      What is the lifespan of wool pearl pillows?

      Wool pillows should be regularly aired to renew your wool naturally, and fluffed up about once a weekIdeally, it would be best if you replaced your wool pillows every 2 to 3 years or so. You can use your old wool pearls in the garden and replace with our top-up packs. 

      Are wool pearl pillows free from harmful chemicals?

      Wool pearls are 100% free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Wool pillows are not treated with bleaches and chemicals, so they are safe for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities.

      Are any animals harmed in producing wool pearls?

      No, shearing sheep is not harmful to domestic sheep that do not naturally shed their woollen coats. It is necessary to shear them annually to prevent matting and diseases for healthy sheep.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      Megan Taiaroa
      Best sleep

      I brought the first pillow for myself, share how nice it was a week later I purchased a 2nd pillow for my partner. We are both loving our new pillows and having great sleeps

      Thank you for your feedback Megan. We trust you and your partner will keep loving your pillows and having great sleeps. Just in case you didn't notice, if you need to top-up or recharge your wool pearl fill in the future you don't have to purchase another pillow... just a top-up pack of wool :) Chris

      Amy L (Auckland, NZ)
      Super comfy!

      So squishy, and supportive. Easily reshaped. Luxury.

      Thank you for your feedback Amy. You forgot to add 'Natural' too :) Chris

      Erin Taylor (Wellington, NZ)
      Lovely pillow

      Great idea using wool pearls - soft and 'lofty'. I appreciate the lavender bag - sweet.
      This is an excellent pillow. Thank you.

      Lisa Coble (Dallas, US)

      Natural Wool Pearl Pillow

      Matthew Jeffery (Invercargill, NZ)
      Amazing Wool Pillow!

      I'm so happy I purchased this pillow and I love how I can change how much wool is in it. My sleep has improved since I've started using it!

      Hi Matthew. Thanks for the feedback and we are so happy to hear the NZ Wool Pear Pillow has improved your sleep! Make sure you tell your friends and family :) Chris


      Rest easy knowing you have 30 days to try our products and decide to keep or return your products at no-cost to you. We will donate items when possible to a local good cause.