Kind Story

Chris Larcombe, Sarah Larcombe and two children in New Zealand outdoors
Chris and Sarah Larcombe and family in New Zealand

Origins of Kind Face

In 2020 the world was hit by COVID-19, and we knew we had to do something to help. By using our resources and skills in our existing company Uren Barsal (specialist soft furnishings manufacturing), we designed and stitched a range of comfortable, reusable face masks with our small team in Avondale, New Zealand. With a focus on natural materials and sustainable practices, Kind Face was born.

In just three months, we sold over 5000 masks and began exporting to Australia, the UK and the USA. Kind Face has expanded to a range of products for you and for the home including weighted eye masks and heat packs - just to name a few - and we don’t plan on stopping now. 

Feel Good Products

Everything we create is aimed to make you feel good. The materials are biodegradable. The linen is soft and luxurious to touch. Our shipping materials are compostable. We partner with Kiwi businesses to source every single material we use from the linen all the way down to the coconut shell buttons on our eye masks. 

We’re doing our part to be kind to New Zealand and to you.

Thanks for doing yours by supporting New Zealand manufacturing and this small family business. Every time you make a purchase, we do a little happy dance in your honour. 

Welcome to the Kind Face family.


Kind Face Values

We pride ourselves on our ethics and company values. From our workroom antics to material selection, we have considered the whole process in terms of sustainability and what's best for New Zealand and you. 


Line drawing of a hand holding a heart
Kind to New Zealand

All our products are designed and handmade in our Avondale workroom to support New Zealand manufacturing. 






Line drawing of woman
Kind to you

We use high quality materials such as 100% linen fabric and natural New Zealand wool. Gentle on your skin and no harsh chemicals and fibres.






Two hands clasping
Kind to Kiwi Businesses

We choose to partner with other Kiwi businesses because it keeps the profits in New Zealand. 






Hand holding earth
Kind to the planet

Our shipping and packing materials are compostable or reusable for another purpose. All of our products are 100% biodegradable once you remove the tag. Read more about Our Materials here. 




Rest easy knowing you have 30 days to try our products and decide to keep or return your products at no-cost to you. We will donate items when possible to a local good cause.