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Share 5% and earn 20% for your good cause.


We make it as simple as possible for you to raise funds, with very few volunteer hours required and complete transparency as to how your campaign is performing. The Kind Face website takes care of processing and transacting, and we take care of packing and dispatching the orders direct to the customer. 

Feel Good Fundraising Products

 Why 'Feel Good' Fundraising?

It's time to shift the dial of the current retail model away from imported, mass-produced products and move to eco-conscious, local items. Here is why we know your community will 'feel good' supporting your fundraising campaign:

  • Kind Face is a small family business.
  • Our products are 100% made in New Zealand in small batches.
  • Almost all of our materials are natural. Where there is no natural option available (ie. elastic) we design the product to use a minimal amount.
  • We only source materials from New Zealand suppliers. Help support and nurture our local business eco-system.
  • Minimal packaging is used or where needed it will be domestically compostable, recyclable or reusable.
  • Kind Face products feel good: they are designed for a positive sensory experience.

Great! How does it work?

We will work closely with you to ensure a realistic fundraising goal is set, and that you have all the tools, content and support you need to achieve it.

Share your unique 5% discount code and encouraging ‘Feel Good Fundraising’ campaign messaging with your community via social media posts, email or any other methods that work for you. Your personal dashboard tracks the sales success and engagement from the discount code and we pay you 20% of the total campaign sales value 5 days following the campaign end date. 

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How much can you earn?

Let’s say your community purchases 50 of any one item. Your fundraising return would be;

Feel Good Fundraising_Example Earnings

Who has been a partner before?

We are proud of our collaboration with I Am Hope for the month of November 2021. They aim to promote positive attitudinal societal change around mental health throughout New Zealand. You can read more about their cause and our partnership here. 

I Am Hope and Feel Good Fundraising

Let's get started!

If you're ready to take the first step to starting a Feel Good Fundraiser, we need to get some information first and see if your cause is a good fit for us, too. 

We’re doing our part to be kind to you, and New Zealand. Thanks for doing yours by supporting New Zealand manufacturing and Feel Good Fundraising.

Start your Feel Good Fundraiser today


Rest easy knowing you have 30 days to try our products and decide to keep or return your products at no-cost to you. We will donate items when possible to a local good cause.