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We are on a mission to help you improve your sleep with a super supportive, comfortable and easily adjustable pillow.

It also makes us feel good being able to help you sleep better and at the same time keeping synthetic fibres and chemicals away from your head, and the environment.

We like to call it "New Zealand's Pillow"

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✔ Handmade in Auckland using Wisewool sourced from the Tairãwhiti Gisborne region

✔ Environmentally responsible materials

30 day rest easy guarantee

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We only use the best materials sourced through specialist NZ businesses.

"New Zealand's Pillow" is handcrafted from these local and imported materials:

- Japara cotton

- NZ farmed and refined 'Cloud' wool

- YKK invisible zip

- Spun polyester thread

- Recycled polyester ribbon label

- Calico cotton - drawstring bag

DO NOT machine wash the Cloud Wool Pillow.

We recommend removing the wool fill and washing the pillow casing as you would with any other white, cotton laundry. Washing in cold water will ensure no shrinkage.

Whilst the wool is out of the cover, take advantage of letting it breathe and catching some sun. Wool loves the sun as much as it loves the fresh NZ air. The rays will naturally deodorize, disinfect, and renew your bedding.

Alternatively, you can hand wash them in warm water with a wool detergent and let them drip dry.

You might notice a slight scent. It is actually proof the natural 'Cloud' wool is as pure as possible, and this will air out in time or sooner if you remove the fill and allow to breathe in the sunlight.

During product testing, we thought this feedback summed up the scent nicely "faint smell of a clean, healthy, warm barn... making for a healthy and loving feel to it.’’

Use the included lavender pack if desired.

Kind Face™ products might have small imperfections due to the nature of being 100% handmade.

Firmness guide: Medium to Firm. Remember, you can easily adjust the comfort level by removing or adding wool fill. Give the pillow a good shake and fluff up to rebalance the fill.

Approx 14cm high when filled, with light pressure applied.

features and benefits


Your Euro is easily adjustable. Just open the zipper to shape, remove or add fill as desired. Click here to purchase a top-up pack.

better sleep

Wool provides temperature regulation creating a stable microclimate and the ultimate support to help you have the best sleep ever.

japara cotton

The pillow casing is made from premium Japara cotton, a finely woven yet breathable and durable fabric. We believe it is the best option to ensure you get a long life from your pillow.


Wool fibres are covered in scales that trap dust, mould spores and other harmful allergens, removing them from the air and preventing them from being inhaled.

support local

The NZ 'Cloud' wool comes from Wisewool in Gisborne, where both the sheep and the environment are happy and healthy. Every pillow is hand-stitched and filled in our workroom in Avondale.

We believe in evolution, not more pollution


The ‘Evolution’ in our wool pillows is thanks to the legends at Wisewool in Gisborne.

They are responsible for taking their beautiful Tairāwhiti sourced wool from a raw fibre through to the luxurious Cloud fill. This includes innovative mechanical engineering which enhances the resilience and bounce whilst protecting the natural fibre's unique, organic state.

You can see the process for yourself on the Wisewool website - from where the wool starts in a shearing shed through to arriving at our workroom.

personalise "New Zealand's Pillow"

The pillows are easily adjustable, making them compatible with every sleeping position - and there is nothing to hide unlike synthetic and feather fills. Just open the zipper to shape, remove or add Cloud wool as desired. Enjoy.

Complete with a lavender pouch and calico cotton drawstring bag, which we make in-house.

Click here to view our entire Cloud Wool Pillow range.

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