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Kind Face

Weighted Eye Mask

Made by us in NZ

Kind Face™ Weighted Eye Masks can help soothe, relax and recharge. Each linen mask is filled with NZ grown flax seeds and calming dried lavender flowers. Warm or chill the mask for therapeutic relief. 

* Available in our R & R Gift Box, which also includes a Natural Heat pack for $99.90

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    One size fits most due to the cotton elastic strap.

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    • We use local and imported materials sourced through specialist New Zealand businesses

    • The Weighted Eye Mask uses
    • Stonewashed linen
    • Coconut shell buttons
    • NZ grown flax seeds
    • Dried lavender flowers
    • NZ made elastic
    • Spun polyester thread
    • Cotton label



    Lavender is an age-old remedy to improve sleep quality and duration of sleep. The calming is scent is known to promote relaxation and relieve stress.


    Our Eye Pillows/Masks were designed to promote wellbeing and holistic personal care. Much like a weighted blanket, our masks/pillows provide a sensation of “grounding.” This may trigger release of calming hormones and ease your nerves.


    Darkness signals to your body that it’s time to sleep. Combined with the benefits of the lavender and grounding pressure, you’re sure to have a better night’s sleep.

    Therapeutic Hot or Cold

    Our eye pillows/masks can provide targeted relief, either by microwaving or placing in the freezer. Ease tension, headaches, and minor pains.

    Support Local

    We source all of our materials from local NZ suppliers and make each and every item in our Avondale workroom.




    The natural linen becomes softer and more lustrous with use. Kind Face™ products might have small imperfections due to the nature of being 100% handmade.


    Spot clean only with a damp cloth. DO NOT wash or get wet. If your Eye Mask gets wet, dry it immediately (dehumidifier is best) or lay it out. DO NOT heat a wet eye mask in the microwave.


    • Use microwave only. DO NOT use gas or electric oven. Microwave heating times will vary due to appliances.
    • Add a mug of water next to the product when heating. The water provides hot moisture which is absorbed, preventing the flax seeds and linen from overheating and burning.
    • Ensure product can rotate freely on the microwave turntable.
    • Heat in a clean microwave for 90 seconds. This should make it hot enough to be a comfortable, but non-burning temperature. You may warm it further in 30-second increments until the desired temperature is reached.


    • Pack your Eye Mask inside a clean plastic bag (provided during shipping) and place in the fridge or freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. The Eye Mask will not become an ice block if you leave it in the freezer for an extended time.
    • Remove from the bag and apply directly to skin.


    Is it safe to sleep in an eye mask?

    Adults can safely sleep while wearing a well-fitted eye mask. Children can use sleeping masks; however, they are not recommended for usage all night. Weighted eye masks benefit children in non-routine sleeping settings, such as napping in a vehicle.

    Does a weighted eye mask cause wrinkles?

    Overly tight sleep masks might leave crease marks on the face, but they do not cause wrinkles.

    Do Weighted eye masks help with puffy eyes?

    If you’re looking to reduce eye puffiness or swelling in your eye area, consider looking for a weighted eye mask that includes heat absorbing and cooling materials - like this one! You can freeze or microwave our eye masks.

    Are there benefits to a weighted eye mask?

    Yes! Using eye masks at bedtime promotes deep sleep and hormone balance that naturally stimulates the nervous system to produce melatonin and serotonin. Consistently having a good rest can help improve mood, focus and concentration.

    Do weighted eye masks help with headaches?

    Headaches and hangovers can be relieved with the use of weighted eye masks. Gentle pressure on the eyes and surrounding pressure points can relieve headaches, migraines, and hangovers by providing a calming sensation around the eyes. Try cooling or warming for added therapeutic effect.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Kirsty Robson (Kaitaia, NZ)
    Eye mask

    Very happy with it. Definitely helps me sleep more soundly

    Roselle Dobbs (Raglan, NZ)

    Just what I was looking for

    Rachel Stringer (Browns Bay, NZ)

    Such a lovely eye mask. It has just enough weight to feel relaxing & restful, and the lavender is not overwhelming.
    I’ve been using it every night so far and it has made a real difference to my quality of sleep.
    I absolutely love it.

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback Rachel. Great to hear you love your Weighted Eye Mask and you have noticed an improvement in the quality of your sleep :) Chris

    Mary Hues (Auckland, NZ)
    Fantastic product!

    Slept like a baby with this on, no kidding. Packed with dried lavendar and this is easily inhaled when I wear the mask. Lovely design and feels good to support NZ manufacturing. All the best!

    Mary, you are a star. Thank you for posting your feedback and we love the fact your Weighted Eye Mask has helped you 'sleep like a baby'. Thank you also for valuing New Zealand, and supporting locally made products. :) Chris

    Deborah McNally (Alexandra, NZ)
    Gift of sleep

    I purchased the weighted eye mask for my adult daughter as a birthday present. She said she loved how it was weighted and that it hit all the right pressure points which made her feel super relaxed and she also loved the smell. She reported having an amazing nights sleep because of the weighted eye mask. Yay!

    Thank you for posting this review Deborah, and supporting our small business. We are so happy to hear your gift resulted in amazing sleep for your daughter :) Chris


    Rest easy knowing you have 30 days to try our products and decide to keep or return your products at no-cost to you. We will donate items when possible to a local good cause.