Top Five Self-Care Products to Include in Your Care Essentials

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It is no secret that we go through different crises and unprecedented daily challenges, and staying calm is difficult while under so much pressure. But, of course, we also understand that stress is a constant in our lives, and how we get rid of it is sometimes a matter of personal choice.

Sometimes, all we need is the comfort of our home and the right tool to help us unwind. If not, the internet is always ready if you need to do some shopping. But keeping the right self-care essentials ready can incentivise you to prioritise your well-being.

Kind Face editors have some wonderful recommendations they want to share with you. So, check out the list below, and create your personalised self-care kit today.

1. Weighted Eye Masks

There has been a buzz going around about weighted eye masks. It is also said they help ease anxiety and relieve stress. Our two cents? They are perfect for everyday use, especially if you regularly suffer tension headaches.

Furthermore, if you are doubtful about the effect of eye masks on improving sleep, there is science behind everything. For example, a sleep expert from Johns Hopkins says melatonin puts you in a calm, wakefulness state and hastens the sleep process by calming your overall energy. And melatonin is best produced when in dimly lit environments.

Weighted eye masks do not carry heavy weight, but it is enough to stimulate a deep pressure over the body’s sympathetic nervous system, slowing your heart rate, and decreasing your blood pressure. As a result, you become more relaxed and calmer, inducing sleep.

a woman sleeping comfortably with the help of weighted eye mask

Editor’s Pick:


Have a good night’s sleep with this weighted eye mask from Kind Face. You can heat or chill the mask to achieve the required therapeutic relief.

2. Linen Face Masks

Breathe better and in style with linen face masks. We are adding these as part of the list because we believe in our corporate social responsibility to help protect the environment. Linen is a sustainable and natural by-product of flaxseeds and a standard textile product used for garments and accessories.

Linen face masks are also sustainable alternatives to non-reusable masks. In addition, hypoallergenic face masks are recommended, especially for people with sensitive skin. Linen is hypoallergenic and antiseptic and contains natural antibacterial properties that help suppress microbes and other contaminants.

a woman wearing reusable face mask

Editor’s Pick:


This reusable linen face mask from Kind Face is triple-layered with a protective polypropylene barrier.

3. Linen Eye Pillows

Here is another self-care product that promotes the reduction of stress levels and is calming for the nerves. Although it may be similar to a weighted eye mask, eye pillows are ideal as they relax your muscles and minimise eye strain.

If you spend a lot of time looking at your computer screen or reading boatloads of documents and want a moment to relax, an eye pillow is the answer.

The eye pillow will press on your eyes, exerting pressure on your eyelids. The pressure, like a weighted eye mask, will stimulate your nervous system, sending calming messages throughout your body. And as your body receives these signals, it begins to relax and let go of all the tension.


a woman laying in a couch with a weighted eye pillow

Editor’s Pick:


We recommend trying this weighted linen eye pillow designed to relieve stress after long working hours. In addition, it contains dried lavender flowers, which add to its calming effect.

4. Heat Packs

If there were one thing women could live without every month, it would probably be menstrual cramps, unless you are some of the lucky ones who do not mind the pain or experience any. Although popping a pill, or two, can help, a heat pack is also helpful to relieve muscle spasms.

Heat therapy is also especially useful in managing discomfort from stiff and sore muscles. This is because the heat dilates the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow and delivering nutrients to the cells faster. Heat pads are also an ingenious way of applying heat therapy, and it utilises the same to promote consistent blood circulation.

a woman using natural heat pack for neck pain

Editor’s Pick:


This natural heat pack from Kind Face can serve as a hot or cold pack.

5. Linen Travel Pillows

Who does not like a hassle-free and comfortable travel experience? However, the one thing that bums most travellers is the discomfort of sleeping through the journey. Whereas that is a common issue, the solution is straightforward - a travel pillow.

Travel pillows are a must-have in every traveller’s book or for anyone who loves their sleep, and they need to sleep wherever the need arises. These pillows are ergonomically designed and lightweight for easy transport. But, of course, the pillow could also be a staple in your own home, as you can also use it as a regular pillow or even for sleepovers and pillow fights.


Children sleeping inside a car using a linen travel pillow

Editor’s Pick:


This linen travel pillow from Kind Face is not the usual U-shaped travel pillow, but it will serve its purpose just the same. It is portable and can be used while travelling or at home.

Your health should be your priority; there are things that you can easily compromise on, but it should never be your well-being. It does not take too much time to sit back and relax while caring for your body, and we have these self-care products for a reason.

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